There is a $125.00 consultation fee. 1 hour appointment slot. If a product is purchased, the consult fee will be applied towards the cost. NON-REFUNDABLE. There is no consultation fee if a VALID prescription is provided. BY APPOINTMENT ONLY


Most insurance company policies cover prescribed “cranial hair prosthetic “ or “cranial hair prosthesis“ but do not cover “wigs“. Insurance companies cover the cost under procedure code A–9282. Have a doctor prescribed letter or prescription to include ICD10 standard DX Code. IT SHOULD NOT SAY "WIG". If it does, have it redone before contacting us otherwise your claim will most likely be refused.

Wigs By Barbara will provide you with a medical invoice and all the necessary paperwork to process this claim. We will assist you with eligibility and benefits verification. Wigs By Barbara CROWN ALTERNATIVE SOLUTIONS© center provides the highest quality of care for our clients.


Please fill out the form below so we can help process your insurance claim. All information is protected through our secured connection.


    Please attach a copy of your insurance card (front and back) along with a prescription or a letter of medical necessity from your doctor.